Nathalie Lermytte

Stylist & Costumière for video projects, tv-series and movies.

After graduating as a textile and design student about three decades back, Nathalie started traveling the world as a professional model. One day on one of these modelling trips she met an international movie director with whom there was instantly a professional spark and the two decided to start working together. It meant the beginning of a exciting journey in the fashion and movie industry for Nathalie, which continues to this day.

Nathalie’s career as a costume and styling expert started off early on in Los Angeles when she got offered a different jobs for several short movies. As a well-travelled and experienced model, she immediately felt at home in the glamourous and demanding world of photography, movies and television. Her appetite and passion for styling soon started blossoming and before long she became the established and highly in-demand costumière and styling specialist she still is today.

Nathalie and her family are based in the Belgian fashion mecca of Antwerp, but she also owns an impressive professional studio, atelier and stockroom in her country’s capital of Brussels. Those more the 120 square meters stocked full of costumes, accessories and other work materials arguably are an enormous asset in her ever so widely scoped line of work.

Nathalie’s life and work still takes her to all corners of the world, although she has a special soft spot for her beloved island of Ibiza.

As part of her daily and eternal quest for the right stuff in the right mood, Nathalie explores her creative ambitions regularly with fascinating side projects, such as those in FLANDERS FIELDS and IBIZA. GO TO SIDE PROJECTS.